DAJ's creative space in downtown Elkhart designed to 'Create, Inspire, and Empower'
Jan 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Nate Overbey - CEO & Creative Director
DAJ's creative space in downtown Elkhart designed to 'Create, Inspire, and Empower'

Please welcome Nate Overbey - CEO & Creative Director of DAJ

What is DAJ?
DAJ is an experimental design formed by innovative creators. DAJ Headquarters, located on Main Street in Elkhart, is where diverse young adults produce music & arts, design experiences, and rise to the potential of ideas. We do three things: Create, Inspire, Empower. 

Greater detail…
Serving a community of creators and thinkers, DAJ works to fulfill its mission by continuously offering musical experiences, innovative collaboration, and recordings. Three days a week, HQ is open to private music recording sessions and other collaboration. The network’s purpose is to design and execute live events, strengthening the forward-thinking progress of our community.

When and why?
DAJ was established on Main Street, Elkhart on February 2, 2018 to directly serve a need of creativity and inspiration in our community (Elkhart, IN). With the incredible potential of our local musicians and young creatives, we tirelessly work to fulfill our mission to Create, Inspire, and Empower

Facilitating over 20 thought-provoking events in Elkhart to date, where numerous creators and musicians have had the opportunity to perform.

What plans or objectives?
Specific objectives include:

  • Monthly Live Music Showcase events (repeatable format) 
  • Studio Artist development 
  • Public art installations 
  • Innovative science/technology projects 
  • Educational programs
  • Community interactive events
  • DAJ network content generation/production. Music production, videos, experimental design, events, and more.

To learn more about DAJ visit: https://dajpyramidshow.com/about-2/

This will be a hybrid meeting - - you can attend in-person at Matterhorn Conference Center or virtually on Zoom at noon: 

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9601448006?pwd=WGhWc3h5MDByVlRORGcyYnN2WjROUT09
Meeting ID: 960 144 8006
Passcode: 1917  

Whether we see you in-person at Matterhorn or see your chat broadcast on the screen, hope to see you there!