Five Star Life
Aug 05, 2024 12:00 PM
Aubrey Danielson - Executive Director
Five Star Life

Since 2005, Five Star Life has been successfully transforming the lives of children nationwide. With our character, leadership, and mindset Video Curriculum as the driving force of all programming, we serve thousands of kids annually. We help produce significant academic achievements, with up to 80% of entire school populations improving their GPA or maintaining a 3.0 or higher. We have also collaborated with schools to reduce discipline referrals by up to 70%. Research confirms that participating in Five Star Life leads to improved academics, increased school attendance and reduced behavioral issues. Five Star Life attacks the core issues kids are facing by teaching them how to create a winning mindset by instilling courage, respect, responsibility, integrity, and sacrifice into every fiber of their beings.  Our approach, which combines mindset development, values-based foundations, and mentorship, has proven to be transformational for kids.


OUR VALUES: Empowering leaders to realize their potential
Our mission: Five Star Life is changing the face of culture by changing the mindsets of kids.