Invanti - Entrepreneurship that Matters
Mar 08, 2021 12:00 PM
Dustin Mix, Managing Partner
Invanti - Entrepreneurship that Matters


We are a startup studio in the Midwest.
We build long-term relationships with entrepreneurial people to start companies that improve the daily lives of Americans. Our three-layer studio model distinguishes between the support a founder needs to pursue a specific idea, and the support they need over a lifetime of ideas.  

We believe impactful companies come from bringing together people, problems, and place.

Entrepreneurship that Matters
Childcare, housing, transportation, employment, financial health, owning a business - these are the topics that permeate daily conversations across the country. Many products and services available today are simply not designed for most people. We focus on learning everything we can about where the current solutions break down and building new companies that reimagine how things work.

Talent with Purpose
We believe there is a lot of untapped entrepreneurial talent in the world. Too often, insights about problems remain locked within the communities who experience them and the people who have what it takes to turn those insights into impactful companies never get a chance to start them. We need more people enabled and emboldened to look at problems in new ways and to try new things.

Betting on the Midwest
We call South Bend, Indiana, and the Midwest at-large, home. The problems we work on hit home in our own community, which enables us to better build impactful companies. We are betting that there is a new entrepreneurial identity that can emerge from the Midwest - one where creative investment and business models enable technology to address problems that affect the majority of Americans. 

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