Rock Steady Boxing Michiana
Jan 29, 2024 12:00 PM
Phil Miller
Rock Steady Boxing Michiana

Please welcome Phil Miller of Rock Steady Boxing.

The mission of Rock Steady Boxing is to equip our affiliates and empower the coaches to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease through a non-contact, boxing-based fitness curriculum.

Introducing Rock Steady Boxing
Rock Steady Boxing is a health and wellness program designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological condition that affects balance, strength, walking, and especially confidence. It’s based on a foundation of non-contact boxing, and it’s very effective for improving all of the symptoms that people with PD typically experience.

RSB certification is perfect for various types of professionals, including personal trainers, boxing coaches, physical therapists, and other rehabilitation specialists who want to expand their offerings and help their clients achieve more. Rock Steady Boxing has grown into a thriving international nonprofit organization with more than 840 certified affiliates.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Rock Steady Boxing?
Many benefits are linked to the Rock Steady Boxing training methods. There’s a plethora of scientific research that supports routine exercise for people who live with Parkinson’s Disease. Regular RSB training sessions help people with Parkinson’s to experience less muscle stiffness and pain while generally improving their balance and capacity for motion.

RSB training is an effective training method that’s hugely beneficial for people in all stages of PD, including those who have just been diagnosed and those who have lived with PD debilitation for decades. Rock Steady Boxing helps Parkinson’s patients to move easier and safely while improving their posture, gait, flexibility, and resistance to injury. It opens the window to healing and happiness.

For the majority of Parkinson’s patients, increasing physical activity levels to a minimum of 2 1/2 hours weekly significantly slows down the decline in quality of life. As an RSB-trained professional, you will be uniquely able to customize fitness programs based on the individual needs of your clientele, to target specific impairments. Your clients will love you and thank you for helping them to:

  • Improve their confidence
  • Decrease the severity of PD symptoms
  • Experience reduced fear of falling down
  • Perform daily activities more efficiently with higher quality
  • Understand their physicality better and improve self-management
  • They will be able to perform activities that many of us take for granted, like climbing stairs, entering a vehicle, and simply standing up and walking across the room. Regular training sessions will improve every area of their lives.