"Balloon in a Box - - Coping with Grief"
Apr 10, 2023 12:00 PM
Tom Rose, Author
"Balloon in a Box - - Coping with Grief"

Please welcome Tom Rose, who'll be discussing his book, Balloon In A Box. Grief over the death of a spouse, child or loved one leaves you broken and wounded. Your heart aches and you experience a wide variety of emotions This book is about how to handle these emotions. Follow Tom through his journey of grief as he and others share their memories, good and bad. Their experiences will help you cope with your grief. Learn how to control the “balloon in your box” and move forward in life with your loved one not without them. The book also contains some inspirational quotes from the bible and famous people. Even if you are not grieving you will find this book to be a thought provoking read.

About Tom

Thomas L. Rose, was born in Peru Indiana, to Norman and Donna (Hipskind) Rose.  He has two younger sisters Jacquelyn (Rose) Roberts (deceased) and Jill (Rose) England.

The family moved in 1953 from Peru to Goshen, Indiana where he still resides. He attended St. John's Parochial School and Goshen High School graduating in 1958. He attended St. Joseph, Ball State and Goshen College.

He married Joyce Grissom in 1962. Their son, Brock,  was born in 1964. Brock and his wife, Rose, have a daughter Amanda (Rose) McMahon who with her husband lives in the Goshen area.

Tom worked in advertising and marketing most of his life and actually still does today with his son, at Rose and Rose Associates. Tom and wife Joyce coauthored two cookbooks, Cooking Together Chinese Style and Cooking Together Quick and Easy. They also hosted a cooking segment on the local Fox TV affiliate for 13 years. During that time they toured the Midwest  teaching cooking classes.

After his wife's death Tom , with help of his son, he authored a third cookbook, Cooking Together Revisited, which is dedicated to Joyce with the proceeds going to the families Breast Cancer Support Projects.

Tom along with his family produce a YouTube cooking show, Cooking Together Generations, to help promote their Breast Cancer Support Projects. www.cookingtogether.com.