What's the right social media platform for your needs?
Sep 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Krystal Vivian - Director of Digital Content
What's the right social media platform for your needs?

Welcome Krystal Vivian, Director of Digital Content for Federated Digital Solutions in northern Indiana.

Krystal will talk to us about selecting the right social media platform for your needs.

Content marketing and branded social media are more than just marketing tools — they're opportunities to inspire people, form deep relationships and build community. Krystal loves using both spoken and written words to educate and entertain audiences and help businesses build trust with customers.

She specialize in breaking down complex topics into easily consumable articles, keeping SEO and social media audiences in mind. Krystal has a strong background in healthcare writing, especially gerontology and Alzheimer's disease/dementia, but can adapt to writing for many other industries as well. She loves diving deep into research, learning everything she can and then sharing with others.

Krystal run a network of 40+ podcasts and manages content marketing, social media, voice skills, mobile apps, and other digital content initiatives for Federated Digital Solutions' 12 radio stations in northern Indiana.

This will be a hybrid meeting - - you can attend in-person or virtually on Zoom at noon: 

Meeting ID: 960 144 8006

Passcode: 1917  

Whether we see you in-person at Matterhorn or see your chat broadcast on the screen, hope to see you there!