Lifeline Youth Ministries
May 08, 2023
Darrel Peterson, Executive Director
Lifeline Youth Ministries

Please welcome fellow Elkhart Rotarian and Lifeline Youth Ministries executive director Daryl Peterson.

Lifeline's mission is to share God’s love by providing inner city youth with caring role models, teaching basic life skills, developing student leaders and connecting students to their local schools and churches. Lifeline is a full-cycle of engagement ministry that provides a safe, family-like atmosphere for youth from 3rd-12th grade. While at club, youth can enjoy a variety of activities: gym time, games, tutoring and the friendship of others. They receive a Bible lesson and participate in a small group interaction as it relates to the lesson. Club members also get the opportunity to earn points redeemable for prizes. Prizes can be anything from a bag of Takis up to Bikes. It all depends on how motivated they are.

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