Label Logic
Mar 11, 2024 12:00 PM
Karen Cripe - President
Label Logic

Please welcome Karen Cripe, President of Label Logic

Label Logic boasts over three decades of expertise in delivering top-notch product labels in various formats. Our package labels are indispensable for effectively identifying your products on store shelves. These custom labels elevate the appeal of your products while serving as powerful promotional tools. Whether consumers seek hair care essentials or preserves, their initial encounter with your brand typically transpires on the store shelf. Labels help customers comprehend the ingredients in the products they select.

In the realm of RFID technology, every project comprises three vital components: Endpoints (tags), Hardware (Readers), and Software (facilitating the connection between readers and host systems while processing tag data). At Label Logic, we possess the capability to seamlessly insert, print, and encode RFID tags and labels in-house. Moreover, we offer tailored RFID technology solutions, encompassing cutting-edge hardware like RFID reader scanners and the accompanying software for tag data interpretation. Our comprehensive approach covers every facet of the RFID integration journey, from conceptualization and construction to rigorous testing and seamless implementation, all under one roof.

Over the course of the past 25 years, we have consciously evolved to become the premier one-stop-shop for all of your labeling needs. This translates into reduced lead times, hassle-free ordering, and utmost confidence that will make you proud of the decision that you made in choosing Label Logic.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a small local business, you will be pleased at the level of service and quality that we offer you. We are leading the way with bleeding edge industry software that automates planning, organizes and controls resources, procedures, and protocols to ensure your projects are managed efficiently.

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