Brian Dorman, News Anchor from ABC57,
Spoke to the Club
President Anne McCuistion brought the meeting to order and Mick Faloon provided some inspirational thoughts, led the Pledge and Four-Way Test.
Matt Lentsch introduced today’s guests. Visiting Rotarians included: George Bonin, Charmaine Torma, and Beth North from the South Bend Rotary Club. Honorary Rotarian Jenny Nolan joined us today as well. Guests of Rotarians included: Kane Brolin and Dave Neeser (guests of Ann McCuistion), Alex Norton (Peter Norton’s son who was home from school), Julia Schiochetti (our Club’s exchange student, a guest of the Nolan’s and Tony Warning), Nick Corpe (Don Stohler), Moe Jacobson (a guest for the final time, introduced by Dave Dygert, and then introduced as a new transferring member AFTER Dave had already paid for Moe’s lunch), and last but certainly not least, Brad Caniff (guest of Jim Rieckhoff). Thanks to ALL of our guests for joining us today!
Today’s Announcements:

--Ann McCuistion noted our October 9 meeting will be followed immediately by a one-mile ‘walk to end polio’ at Wellfield Botanic Gardens (2 laps around). A $5 donation for those walking, and a $10 donation for those NOT walking, all to a very important cause.
--Tony Warning thanked the Interact Club for their fine work at Taste of the Gardens, as well thanks to Jenny Nolan for their support of our exchange student Julia.
-Doug Risser encouraged attendance at this year’s 2017 Rotary Foundation Dinner at the War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6 - 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Signup at:
--Mel Jacobson reminded everyone that the Elkhart Rotary are ambassadors for the phase 3 public fundraising efforts. Events will occur in September and October along with other service organization.  The targeted amount to be raised is at least $250,000, which will be match by Kem Krest Corporation. Rotary events inviting the public to learn about the project will take place on the following dates and times:  9/29, 7:30-9:00AM (POSTPONED), 10/11, 5:00-6:30PM, and 10/24, 12:00-1:30PM. RSVP is required and can be found at
Today’s Sergeant at Arms was the honorable, heroic, and infallible Peter Norton. Funds were raised for a great cause - - our community - - through comedic relief at the expense of Ann McCuistion, Dave Gunn, Doug Thorne, Bob Shultz, Pete McCown, Moe AND Mel Jacobson, Dick Brotherson (even in his absence today), Fran Connor, and the honorable Judge Jim Rieckhoff. Thanks EVERYone for your generous contributions. Give till it hurts.. and it usually does.
Peter Norton introduced today’s speaker, Brian Dorman. To learn more about Brian, and what ABC57 News does in our community, check out