Bill Stanczykiewicz Speaks to the Club About
The Indiana Youth Institute
President Grodnik called the meeting to order.
Membership chair Jeff Peat said the club had increased by six members so far this year.
Terri Rickel encouraged members to participate in other Rotary fundraisers like Concord’s upcoming auction.
Laura Ezzell started to talk, but without a voice, President Grodnik introduced the visiting Central HS students: Imani Breckenridge Peete, LaToria House, & Elizabeth Yeakey.
Stu Barb talked about Wellfield Botanic Gardens.
Tony Warning talked about Placemat Advertising.
Dick Kallenberg gave out Paul Harris awards to Steve Eldridge, Paul Reasoner, & Don Stohler.
The Sergeant was Ellen Janowsky. She played Truth or Dare, essentially daring all Rotarians to max out their fines to support area non-profits at the end of the year.
The speaker was CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute, Bill Stanczykiewicz. Some time was spent discussing the general statistical information that provides a variety of organizations. The stresses discussed included levels of completed education, growing child poverty, various drug use, depression & suicide, and incarcerated parents. Bill circled back to education saying ‘kids’ with one-year of college have a statewide unemployment rate under 5%, but those only with HS degrees or less sit at an unemployment rate of 11%. He went on discuss the “Success Sequence” or steps all kids need to follow: (1) Get an education; (2) Get a job; (3) Get married; (4) Have kids. People following that track are only likely to fall into poverty (even if they come from poverty themselves) at 2%. Any steps taken out of order result in the chance that person will fall into poverty rising to 76%.
Bill then discussed several systems to help set up students to succeed including:
Upcoming Programs:
April 27, 2015 Bryan Blair, Elkhart County Fair General Manager talks about the fair (July 24-Aug. 1)
May 4, 2015 Allan Kauffman, Mayor of Goshen discusses Horizon Project 3.0
May 11, 2015 Amish Shah, President of Kem Krest explains the Indiana Economic Development Corporation