Magistrate Deborah Domine and Justin Allen,
CASA Director for CAPS,
Address the Club
President Scott Puckett welcomed the club and introduced member Mick Faloon to provide inspirational words and lead the Pledge and Four Way Test.
Dawn Fisher introduced our guests: Visiting Rotarians Dave Beaverson from the Elkhart Morning Club and John Greaves, South Bend. Rotarian Guests included: Judy Gill and Barbara Vernor (Candy Yoder), Anne Lehman (Connie Caiceros), as well as our speakers to be introduced later.
President Puckett announced relevant birthdays and upcoming meetings/programs including May 1st, which will be part of our 100 Year Celebration, highlighting the SECOND quarter century of our club’s history, and May 15th, which will be held at Wellfield Botanic Gardens.

Fran Connor reminded the club of our upcoming May 1 program, as well as our Gala Celebration of 100 Years on August 10 at Wellfield Botanic Gardens. Save the date!
Bea Phillips announced an upcoming Engaging Women’s Conference on May 24 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at St. Mary’s College. For more information visit St. Mary’s College website
Scott Puckett reminded Rotarians of our ongoing 100 Years Celebration and that sponsorships are still available. Contact anyone from the 100 Year Celebration committee - - or they will be contacting you!
Doug Risser presented awards to Paul Harris Fellows: Andrew Harmon and Susan Bosen.
And Paul Harris ‘plus’ pins to: Stan Cohen – Plus One, Kathy Grusy – Plus Two, and Terri Rickel – Plus SIX!! Congratulations to all, and most importantly THANK YOU for your support!
Sergeant Matt Lentsch provided some forced generosity…
Here are some things Fine-ees learned today:
Remember the name of our Club - -The Elkhart Rotary Club.
It’s good to be a grandparent!
No one looks good in a leisure suit (without paying for it!)
Our distinguished President pays for ‘manufactured applause’
…and if you’re lucky enough to find a $100 bill while picking up trash along County Road 6, you’ll also be lucky enough to be fined for it!
Program Co-Presenters: Magistrate Deborah Domine and Justin Allen, CASA Director for CAPS
93% of children in the juvenile justice system have suffered trauma of some sort in their lives.
Children who have been traumatized are 50% more likely to be incarcerated at some point in their lives than those who are not traumatized. A child doesn’t choose their parents. A child doesn’t choose to be traumatized.
A "CASA" is a Court Appointed Special Advocate. CASA volunteers are caring and motivated people in the community who enjoy helping kids navigate through the court system. Surprisingly, these volunteers do not need to have any legal experience and come from all backgrounds. All volunteers will be trained by staff members and will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing training sessions throughout the year. The Elkhart County Juvenile Magistrate appoints a CASA volunteer to a child involved in a neglect or abuse case. The CASA is trained to work with all individuals involved, advocating for the best interest of the child. The CASA is encouraged to develop a relationship with the child involved. The CASA provides the magistrate with well-rounded, objective information and recommendations. CASA volunteers are a consistent voice for a child who has no voice in court.
To learn more about the CASA program - - or to find out how you can become a CASA volunteer - - visit: