Lynn Coleman, Candidate for Indiana's 2nd District,
Spoke to the Club
President Scott Puckett opened the meeting.
One-time "Super-Duper-Sergeant" (now just "Sergeant") Stan Cohen extracted as much money as he could from attending Rotarians. Funds generated by the Sergeants are shared annually with local non-profits.
The speaker was Lynn Coleman, candidate for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. Formerly South Bend’s Assistant Police Chief and Assistant Mayor to Steve Luecke, Coleman hopes to add to his 40+ years of community service by serving residents of Northern Indiana in Washington, DC. He said he wants to serve 2nd District Hoosiers to the exclusion of party affiliation or political leanings by focusing on what is best for the region.
Billing himself an unpolished politician just trying to do right, Coleman discussed how his beliefs were formed by his experiences as an Army truck assembly worker and as a policeman. If elected, he hopes to help spur economic growth, ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, make higher education more affordable, strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and develop smart policies to combat terrorism.  When asked if there were only one thing he could do in Washington, Coleman said that, in light of everything he’s learned in the past year about running for office, that one thing would be campaign finance reform.
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