Rob Staley, CEO of The Crossing,
Discusses His Unique Education Program
President Terri Rickel called to order the August 24th meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club in the beautiful setting of the Wellfield Botanic Gardens.  She recognized and thanked all those who helped make this year's "Taste of the Gardens" event one of the best ever.  She reported to the club that attendance and proceeds both reached all time highs.
The Sergeant at Arms was Jeff Peat in his last Sergeant "performance."  He and his family are moving to Ft. Wayne, where he will oversee the First Source Banks in that city.  Jeff will be missed. Jeff had a lot of old scores to settle before his departure. The money the Sergeant’s committee raises over the year is pooled into a fund and then disbursed annually to area non-profit organizations.
The speaker was Rob Staley of The Crossings.  Rob told our group that the amount of discussion and debate in our nation concerning education demonstrates the immense value that our society places on education. To educate our young people effectively and holistically must be a primary goal in our culture if we are to continue to advance as a society. However, it is no small secret that there are young people who struggle within traditional educational environments. Whether it is due to economic status, social or mental or emotional issues, learning disabilities, or other obstacles to education, many young people have a difficult time not just succeeding in academics, but succeeding in their personal lives as well. An effort must be made to help these young people. They need education and guidance in the classroom, in a job training environment, and in their personal lives.
When a student attends the Crossing, he or she is more than just another line in the enrollment logs. The Crossing, he said, is a family, and from the moment our students step through our doors for the first time, we treat them as members of our family, caring about their development in every area of their lives.
The Crossing provides an excellent academic education by maintaining accreditation with the Indiana Department of Education and maintaining a balance of certified teachers with other professionals. We model and teach character development through daily Family Time curriculum which emphasizes character.  It requires and encourages strong character daily of both staff and students, and helps students begin and continue their journey with God. We develop and grow the leadership skills of our students and staff by providing focused leadership training and leadership opportunities. We prepare our students for a rewarding career through our extensive job training program and by working closely with local businesses and higher learning institutions that provide both experience and further training.
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Upcoming Meeting: Monday, August 31st, will be a "fifth Monday" evening meeting beginning at 5:45 at the Matterhorn.  This meeting will focus on the "Healthy Eating" Initiative.  See more information here.