Annual Joint Meeting with
the Elkhart Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis Club President, Steve Brown, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order December 13, 2016 with the Elkhart Rotary Club and Kiwanis with a riddle: 
Question: Who was born in Boston in 1809, lied about their age, was discharged from the military in 1831 due to gross neglect of duties, considered the 1st professional writer, was fired from his job in 1835 because he was found drunk, and his writing was considered fiction?
Answer: Edgar Allen Poe – answered by Bob Schultz.
Kiwanian Gag Auction raised $9k and 40 different items were auctioned.  Sid Sherwood was a generous donor.
Kiwanian Trivia night is 1/21/2017 – Jody formally challenged Rotarians to put a team together and attend the challenge.
Elkhart Rotarian Scott Puckett then stood up to address those in attendance.  He informed the crowd that he too was a Kiwanian 25 years ago.
Scott mentioned that both organizations will be celebrating 100 years next year and offered his Congratulations.
Scott’s Announcements:
Next week, December 19th, will be the lasting meeting of the year, SCORE will be speaking.  The next scheduled meeting will be January 9th 2017.
Thirsty Thursday is at the Artisan December 15th at 5:05 at the Artisan at 505 Main Street.
Today – December 13, 2016 Ryan, Secretary for Kiwanis announced they had 43 Kiwanians present and 1 guest – Bobbie Nyers.
Comedian Bob Franklin from Kiwanis provided government quotes from:
John Adams
Winston Churchill
Mark Twain
George Bernard Shaw
Will Rogers
Dan Morrison, Fine Master for Kiwanis fined Rotarians to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.  (Two Clubs trying to one up each other is a good thing for the community).
Doug and the Concord Singers.