Egg Farmer, Dan Krouse, Speaks to the Club

About Eggs and the Process of Egg Production



Club President Judge Chuck Grodnik rang the bell calling to order the January 12th meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club. 

Honorary Member Art Decio was in attendance.

Elections for club officers were held.  The winners of seats on the Rotary Board were: Tony Warning, Eric Amt, Dave Dygert and Connie Caiseros.  Elected Club Secretary was Peter Norton.

The Sergeant at Arms was Doug Thorne. Doug fined all sports fans regardless if their team won or lost.  The money the Sergeant’s committee raises over the year is pooled into a fund and then disbursed annually to area non-profit organizations.

The featured speaker was egg farmer, Dan Krouse, speaking about his family farm. Founded in 1875, Midwest Poultry Services of Mentone, Indiana houses 8 million hens. Dan explained that a chick is purchased and begins to lay eggs when it is 16 weeks old and is in service for two years.  At a pace of 3,000 eggs per minute Dan’s automated machinery washes each egg and checks for cracks using tiny hammers that tap on the egg.  If the resonance isn’t just right, he says, the egg is removed from the line and sold to a company called an “egg breaker” which turns the eggs into liquid eggs for use in restaurants and bakeries.  If the egg passes the crack test it is again washed.  Then, using a special instrument, the egg is checked for blood.  Double yoke eggs come from younger hens. Dan shared with the group an interesting fact: Brown eggs mostly come from brown chickens, but white chickens can lay brown eggs as well as long as they have a red earlobe.

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