Kreg Gruber, Chief Operating Officer for
Beacon Health System,
Spoke About Beacon Health's Relationship
with the Mayo Clinc
Elkhart Rotary for July 18, 2016 was begun by President Scott Puckett.
Sherm Hanson was the Sergeant.
Speaker was Elkhart Memorial Director Kreg Gruber discussing Beacon Health’s affiliation with the Mayo Clinic Care Network.  Started as a need for specialized neurological consultation, this partnership allows Beacon Health to focus on caring for local patients, but getting expert advice when facing unusual treatment situations; it allows the Mayo Clinic to continue being a leader in medical treatment and push the envelope of medical research when consulted about unusual cases.
In May, Beacon Health joined 37 other hospitals across the country in this partnership, and took nearly two years of vetting. The primary usage will be for e-consultations for patients primarily in: oncology, hematology, malignancy, neurology, and cardio. Since May, there have been 40 e-consultations.
Another aspect of the affiliation is to coordinate medical education for both patients and staff. For example, staff could attend a teleconference on new advances in oncology, and patients could attend smoking cessation classes.
Upcoming programs:
July 25   Connie Caiceros, Center for Community Justice
Aug 1     Doug Risser, Rotary Fellowship Exchange to Turkey