Efrat Noar, an Israeli Emmisary
with the Jewish Federation,
Tells Her Story to the Club
President Ann McCuistion brought the meeting to order; Thoughtful words, The Pledge, and Four Way Test were provided by Bill Kovach.
Greeter Eric Garton introduced today’s guests:
Honorary Rotarian - - Art Decio
Visiting Rotarian - - John McSorley from South Bend
Guests of Rotarians included: Jay Miller, a guest of Tom Neat; Jordan and Ilene New, guests of Jeff New, Fred Mock, guest of Brian Housand, Ryan Durham, a guest of Piyas Bandyopadhyay; and Susan King, a guest of Kathy Grusy.
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Sergeant Jeff New created some forced philanthropy today with fines ranging from Dave Gunn’s informal attire at meetings to Jim Rieckhoff’s being PRESENT at a meeting that he was actually supposed to miss (thus forcing Jeff to be sergeant today!). Connie Caiceros was reminded the world doesn’t need any more lawyers (best wishes, Connie J ) and Shan White was welcomed back to the club - - with a fine! All in good fun, and for a good cause!
Today’s speaker was Efrat Noar, Israeli Emissary with the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley, accompanied by Robert Feferman, Community Relations Committee Director and Efrat’s mentor during her 12 months in South Bend. Efrat relayed her Israeli experience; from information about her mother and father, to her 2 years/4 months with the Israeli Defense Force and the Shaliacha Israeli emissary program. Efrat was very enthusiastic about her opportunity to serve others, and was a wonderful ambassador for Israel. She reminded today’s guests about the importance of Israel as a leader in global technology, as well as its role around the world in providing humanitarian aid. To learn more about the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph County visit: www.thejewishfed.org. Efrat showed several videos, including this great reminder about Israeli innovation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siqU0iCdSSA