Reneé Cocanower, from Concord Community Schools,
Addresses the Club about the Early College Program
Club President, Terri Rickel, rang the bell to open the July 27th meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club.  Honorary Rotarian, Art Decio, was in attendance. Judge James Rieckhoff inducted new member Kyle Johnson.  Kyle is the President of K2 Marketing.
The Sergeant at Arms was Scott Franko. This was Scott’s first appearance as Sergeant. Scott fined all members of the club who haven’t had to pay for their child’s wedding.  He also extracted heavy fines using criteria that almost no one in the club could avoid.  The money the Sergeant’s committee raises over the year is pooled into a fund and then disbursed annually to area non-profit organizations.
The speaker was Concord Community School Administrator, Ms. Rene Cocanower. Ms. Cocanowner told the club about the Early College Credit program at Concord Schools.  Students that are planning to attend college may earn up to 30 college credits while they are still in High School.  In most cases these credit hours do not cost the student any money.  Ms. Cocanowner explained to the club that according to the US Census Bureau, in Elkhart County, 25% of adults (ages 25-64) have degrees ranging from associates degree to a graduate degree. She also pointed out that, according to Georgetown University, 50% of the jobs projected to be available in 2018 will require a range of at least an associate’s degree (17%) to a bachelor’s degree (23%), to a graduate degree(10%). Ms. Cocanowner also introduced to the club Concord School's new Superintendent, Mr. John Trout.
Up Coming Program(s):  August 3rd: Elkhart County Sheriff, Brad Rogers.