Stan Glanders Spoke to the Club about
the American Flag
The Sergeant at Arms was Bob Shultz.  Sgt. Shultz assessed various fines to club members. The money the Sergeant’s committee raises over the year is pooled into a fund and then disbursed annually to area non-profit organizations.
The speaker was Stan Glanders who put on a presentation about the American Flag. The first thing Stan told us is that Betsy Ross thought to be the “creator” of the flag, was not.  A fellow by the name of Francis Hopkins created the first US Flag. The US Flag and the Bald eagle are two of the oldest symbols of the United States more than any other nation. Only two times did the American Flag have a black fringe, when it draped the caskets of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy.
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Monday, June 20th: Dr. Bob Haworth, Superintendent of Elkhart Community Schools.  (NOTE: This meeting will be help at Wellfield Botanic Gardens at noon)
Monday, June 27th: Terri Rickel and Scott Puckett, The Passing of the Gavel for the New Rotary Year