Doug Risser is Presented with the Lifetime Achievement
Award, "Avenue of Service Citation" by
District Governor, Roger Simms
Karen Sommers, Director of the Dean Ornish Program
for Beacon Health System, and Knoll Yarger, a Program
Graduate, Tell the Club About the Program
Club President, Terri Rickel, rang the bell calling to order the June 6th  meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club.
Don Stohler opened and led in the pledge and four way test.
In attendance was district govenor Roger Sims
From Eric Garton: There will be a taste of the Garden meeting next Monday the 13th @ 11:00.  They still need help so if you are interested, please attend this meeting.
From Scott Puckett who just returned from Seoul Korea where he attended the Rotary International Convention:  Next year the convention will be in Atlanta and Scott encouraged many members to take advantage of the proximity and attend.
Doug Risser  gave the foundation minute and talked about his recent trip to Costa Rica and his participation in the “Give a Book” program.  They were able to deliver 400 books.  These books go to schools and libraries.  He also talked about Elkhart memebership giving this year.  103 of 159 members have given.  He encouraged everyone to give something. 
2008-2009 proved to be the worst years on record for the company but positioned them to allow the transfer of ownership to the next generation.  Roger Sims. District Governor, presented Doug Risser with the lifetime achievement award “Avenue of Service Citation” for all he has done for the club, the community and around the world with his participation in many service projects.
Upcoming programs:
June 13th – Stan Glanders “Our American Flag”
June 20th – Meeting at Wellfield Bontanic Gardens, Dr. Bob Haworth, Elkhart Community Schools
June 27th – The passing of the gavel from Terri Rickel to Scott Puckett
The Sargent for the day was Matt Lentsch. Funds raised are used to support local charities.
Kay Ball introduced the speaker for the day:
Karen K. Sommers, MS, Ornish Program Coordinator, Beacon Health System
Karen talked about the Dean Ornish Reversal Program which aims to help people who suffer from heart disease. The program is nine weeks long and brings together a group of 12-15 participants together twice a week for four hour classes. During these sessions, they are taught the importance of four different areas of life and how making some changes in them can help reverse the effects of heart disease.
It is the first program that is scientifically proven to work and focuses on nutrition, fitness, stress management, and group and emotional support. The nutrition portion has the group eat a meal together during class while being taught how to practice healthier eating habits. The fitness portion will have them workout under the supervision of an exercise physiologist. They'll learn stress management techniques from a specialist which will include yoga and meditation.
Knoll Yarger is a graduate of the program and spoke about the benefits of this program in his own life and how it has improved and reversed his heart disease.  He also cited others who have had the same results on the program.
The program touts 87.9% adherence after 1 year. This program is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies for those who qualify.
Terri Rickel closed the meeting  with an inspirational thought.