Dr. Barb Bellefeuille, from Bethel College,
Addresses the Club
As the Elkhart Rotary begins promoting the Healthy Michiana project (healthymichiana.com), Eric Amt, Kurt Janowsky, and the organizing committee provided the ‘Meatless Monday’ vegetarian meal. Plans are to provide one vegetarian meal per month.
Doug Risser provided the Rotary Minute, discussing the Shelter Box project, which has helped Syrian refugees (http://shelterbox.org/).
Terri Rickel introduced Honorary Rotarians Jenny & Mike Nolan, who will helm Interact, the Rotary Youth High School program.
Dawn Fisher introduced the students from Memorial: Makenzi Bartolini, Marie White, Timothy Ferrell Jr., and Zeb Holtz.
Sherm Hanson was Sergeant. Sergeants raise money to donate to area charities each year.
The speaker was Dr. Barb Bellefeuille, Provost at Bethel College. She enlightened the club about some of Bethel's marks of distinction, pointing that that this school of nearly 2,000 students (1,300 traditional) is well regarded, but little known.  She highlighted the fact that Bethel College is among Money Magazine’s “Best Colleges for Your Money” based on 21 measures of quality, affordability, and alumni earnings. She also pointed out the unique ways that Bethel students are taught to give back to the community.  This resulted in over 2,000 hours of donated time to area non-profits during Bethel’s Annual Service Day. She also mentioned that 100% of the students who applied to medical school in the last year were accepted.
For more information, visit http://www.bethelcollege.edu/
Upcoming Programs:
Nov. 9th : Carolyn Schrock-Shenk “Breaking Down Walls: Students and Prison Inmates Learning Together”
Nov. 16th : Kay Ball discusses the latest from Elkhart General Hospital