Cory Martin, Chaplain of the Elkhart County Jail Ministry,
Spoke to the Club
President Ann McCuistion opened the meeting followed by inspirational words, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Four-Way Test, led by Bill Kovach.
Guests today included Honorary Rotarian Art Decio, and a number of High School Students: Gabby Carr, Lili Eash, Kayla Gardner from Central and Wheaton Webb, Morgan Garsoski and Sydney Mars from Memorial. Rotarian Guests included Erin Bentz (Jim Story), Mindy Shea (Joe Gold), Jennifer Hays (Peter Norton), Emily Sherwood (Erin Kinzel), John Hertzler (Doug Risser), and Jason Sell (Shawn DeBar). Welcome to all of our guests!
Newly inducted Rotarians Jessica Burbrink and Susan King gave self-introductions – Welcome to the Club!
Matt Lentsch – Don’t forget about Salvation Army Bell Ringing on Saturday, December 9. Sign up with Matt is you’ve not already done so.
Peter Norton – In conjunction with our Salvation Army Bell Ringing, if you’d like to join Peter for Restaurant Fundraising on Friday evening, December 8, please sign up – could use the help in this fun and very worthwhile endeavor.
Sergeant at Arms Doug Thorne did a great job of extracting fun holiday funds from a variety of club members; remember all funds collected go back to local not for profits through our grant program.
Today’s speaker: Cory Martin, Chaplain, Elkhart County Jail Ministry
Cory has been Chaplain for 4 years at the Elkhart County Jail, a very unique jail in Indiana. Did you know that our jail was the second largest in the state of Indiana? Cory provided a great background of the ministry program, indicating that “relationships make the difference” for inmates and that knowing their stories can often make a real difference in their lives beyond jail. Once released, they must make “changes in people, places, and things”- - meaning they canNOT hang out with the same people, go to the same places, or do the same things. Needless to say, this is not an easy transition. Cory said the biggest 'needs' for the program, should anyone wish to contribute or help are: Transitional housing, tattoo removal, and dentists. To learn more about the Jail Ministry, visit: