Salvation Army Captain, Nic Montgomery,
Addresses the Club, Kicking Off the 2016
Salvation Army Campaign
President Scott Puckett opened the meeting, followed by Merritt Dilts who provided some inspirational words and led the Pledge and Four Way Test.
Judy Jankowski introduced today’s guests:
Visiting Rotarian, Nancy Keller, Concord
Todd Stone introduced his guest, Mark Grushans
Sherm Hansen introduced his guest, Mandy Leazenby, a current applicant for Club Membership
Nic Montgomery introduced his guest, Adam Gerstbauer
And last but not least, Judy Jankowski introduced her guest, Matt Puro.
Our visiting students from Central High School presented a brief overview of their month of noon meetings with us. They enjoyed the conversation, meeting new people and the presentations each week, which they said were good life experiences that they can apply in their own lives.
Scott wished Happy Birthday to Doug Putnam and Kay Ball, celebrating birthdays this week. Scott also announced several club anniversaries, including the most seasoned Rotarian of the group, Dick Brotherson, who celebrates 47 years with Elkhart Noon Rotary!
Announcements for the day:
Remember, no meetings on December 26 or January 2.
Connie Caiceros asked that thoughts be with Ron Ringenberg, whose son Scott is in the ICU in Scotland.
Susan Ginther announced some future plans on behalf of the Social Committee - - look forward to some exciting opportunities in 2017!
Matt Lentsch reminded everyone that Salvation Army Bell Ringing is coming up on December 10 - -get singed up if you aren’t already - - contact Matt directly.
Peter Norton announced help is still needed for Friday night, December 9 “Restaurant Fundraising”. Contact Peter if you’d like to get involved.
Dave Lehman thanked the Club for their support of the Thanksgiving Dinner held last week at the Matterhorn. Club members raised $1577, enough for approximately 79 turkeys. In total, the dinner served over 2400 people! Great job, Rotarians! Tremendous thanks to the Salvation Army and Matterhorn for this wonderful community event.
Today’s Sergeant, Sherm Hansen, lifted some fines from club members with Thanksgiving trivia! We’re all better off from the lesson, learning that over 280 MILLION turkeys were consumed on Thanksgiving Day, the meat thermometer should be placed in the THIGH of the bird, President Harry Truman pardoned the first turkey in the white house in 1947, not all turkeys can fly, only male turkeys gobble and that turkeys have great peripheral vision - - able to see 270 degrees around their head at one time! Most importantly, Black Friday retail sales were at $27 BILLION dollars this year!
We welcomed our speaker, Captain Nic Montgomery from the Salvation Army, a fellow Rotarian. Nic shared a little about his upbringing in the area and how his experiences shaped his passion for helping others - -and becoming involved with the Salvation Army. Nic said, “The Salvation Army gave me hope.” This year, the local Salvation Army will serve over 20,000 citizens in need. 
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