District 6540 Governor, Lisa Waterman,
Spoke to the Club
President Ann McCuistion, rang the bell calling to order the October 9, 2017 meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club.
Eric Garton’s wife- Jamie
Ashley Collier
David Neeser
Visiting Rotarians:
Todd tone
Don Stohler
Invocation and 4 Way Test – led by Fran Conner
CAPS is going to recognize Kurt Janowsky November 11th at 6:00 pm.
Candy Yoder - there is a Unity Build October 27th and 28th, volunteers needed please sign up.
Doug Risser attended the Foundation dinner in Fort Wayne last Friday, October 6th and mentioned that Jeff Pete sends his regards.
Doug Risser mentioned the walk to end polio is today after the meeting at the Wellfield Garden, those that walk pay $5, those that do not, pay $10.
Asxhley Boling Molyneaux is looking for volunteers for Real Men Read, it is 30 minutes a week for 4 weeks.  There is training October 12, 2107 at Trinity United Methodist at 12:00.
Tom McArthur still looking for volunteers to clean up County Road 6 at 8:00 am October 14th.
Mel Jacobson wants people to sign up for one of the 3 events that is being offered to the public to educate them on the Natatorium project.  Registration can be done at https://elkhartcenter.com/#the-project.
Upcoming programs:
Today – October 9, 2017 Sargent of Arms Bill Rieth
Bill led us with National Pet Peeve Week
Those that agreed with his pet peeves were fined.  Some of the pet peeves:
People who chew with their mouths open.
People who talk with their mouth full.
(Bill referenced his brother as an example when they were growing up eating breakfast cereal, mouth open, talking, and crunching loudly.  Bill called his brother the wood chipper due to his breakfast eating habits)!
People who arrive late.
People who discuss being on a diet while you are eating something unhealthy.
People who drive under the speed limit.
People who hit the elevator button several times thinking that is going to make it arrive more quickly.
People who disclose too much information about you or themselves while in public.
People who prolong meetings by asking the dumbest things.
Doug Risser introduced Lisa Waterman.  Lisa joined Rotary in early 200 in Fort Wayne.  Lisa loves singing and performing and in 2002 she formed a signing group for Rotary.  Lisa is a graduate of IU, is a financial planner that create her own business in 2014 in the town of Churubusko, Indiana.  Lisa has visited 30 of the 57 clubs.
Special Speaker:  District Governor Lisa Waterman on “Rotary Today”
Our Rotary Brand
Don’t Meth with Us
Rotary Foundation Dinner
All “IN” Conference
End Polio Now
The Future – A history lesson.
Imagine the year is 2050 in a college history class, a student reads about Rotary and how they eradicated polio, countries have clean water… She went to the professor and asked how she could be a part of Rotary and the Professor said it didn’t exist anymore, it died out years ago… 
In 2017 there is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home.  (Note – the number was the same in 1995).
District 6450 members
2012 - 2550 members
2017 – 2441 members
June 2017 lost 49 members
Last year, 2016 up 28 (net) members.
So, what is the problem?  Is the need for Rotary less?  Breakfast – too early?  Lunch, cannot get out of the office?  Dinner, we want to get home?  We must find value in Rotary!
1935 Paul Harris wrote, “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it.  The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again”.
In 1945 Paul Harris wrote, “What history will be 100 years hence, none living can imagine.  There is nothing impossible to Rotary now”.
Invite people to Rotary:
            Join the Leaders,
              Exchange ideas and
                Take Action!
Start and recognize we are a Leadership group at Rotary; we exchange ideas and take action.  We are a people of action, sharing with each other, unique perspectives and skills.
Who should be in Rotary?  Who should you ask?
Rotary Foundation – count hours
“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known through the results we achieve”.  Paul Harris
Don’t Meth with Us
Elementary School education (5-6th grade).
Rotary 4 way test.
Drug prevention.
Starting in Noble County.
Partnership with drug free.
Need volunteers to teach classes.
Use and explanation of 4 way test.
Coordination with professionals.
Remarkable statistics.
Rotary Foundation Dinner
Speaker/Author David Parnell – “Facing the Dragon”
Invitation to have him come in the spring to talk to school kids in the area; get working on Don’t Meth with Us.
Our funding arm to projects
Rotary direct.
EREY $100 (Every Rotary Every Year).
Paul Harris Society
Bequest Society
Will you make Rotary a chosen beneficiary.
All “IN” Conference
Rotary International Convention
1st time in 80 years; Indiana “United”.
Early bird special until 10/31/17 - $119.
Toronto Canada June 23-27
Riverboat cruise June 23.
Block of Rooms for D6540
End Polio Now
Walk after each club visit.
Inoculations every 3 years.
YTD Cases – we cannot give up this fight.
Started in 1985; 2 years ago there were 37 cases.
Service above Self!