In an effort to build and maintain the relationships between our members, the Elkhart Rotary Caring Committee is seeking help from you.           

We would like to know the following about our membership:
A member who has an special announcement (new child, grandchild).
A member who has fallen ill and/or is hospitalized.
A member who needs a ride to a Rotary Meeting.
A member who has passed away or has a death in their immediate family.
A special story about how Rotary has impacted your life.

Please contact following committee members. In doing so, we will have ensured that our membership remains informed.

Denny Gill              574-848-4411            
Dave Gunn             574-264-7245            
Maria Slager           574-277-3400 Ext. 201
Shan White             574-537-4612            
Pam Hluchota         574-295-2764            
Bill Petersen            574-848-4126            
Bill Templin        574-206-8582       
Dick Brotherson   574-264-2211       
Deb Alwine         574-849-7184