Former club President Brad Miller gave the invocation to open the November 19th meeting of the Elkhart Rotary Club; Miller gave thanks for all our troops serving across the globe.

Student guests from Memorial High School Kylee Crane, Nick Foy, Markese McGuire and Paige Robison were introduced.

The Sergeant at Arms was Deb Smith, Director of the Elkhart Public Library who quizzed the members about the origin of Thanksgiving.  Through the holiday season the maximum fine cap of $5 per member is lifted and Mrs. Smith collected a lot of fines.  The Sergeant’s committee raises over $ 18,000.00 a year in “fines” those funds are then donated to local charities.

The Speaker was: Dr. Robert Haworth Superintendent of the Elkhart Community Schools. He spoke about his philosophy of leading from the Inside Out in other words not letting the emotions of others control yours.  He told the group that Elkhart’s students were a most precious gift.  Dr. Haworth also took about 15 minutes worth of questions.