Myrl Nofziger just returned from Haiti on an eight-day mission trip for a team of four people.

We were hosted by Yvan Pierre of ICDM, a theology school and private day school serving over 500 students.


Our primary purpose was twofold: to build school benches for the school, kindergarten through fifth grade, and to learn about the culture considering the current conditions.


The destruction is very evident amid a very peaceful society. However, the needs are overwhelming, and one hardly knows where to start. The spreading of goodwill is very noticeable.


It's hard to understand why various nations continue to send peacekeeping military troops such as the UN to this nation of nonviolent people. 


Please continue to pray for this country of people who are "have not's" materially but who are so rich in their heritage and ability to survive against all odds.  


Myrl D. Nofziger


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