IT Sector Partnership | South Bend - Elkhart Region
Nov 25, 2019 12:00 PM
Shabbir Qutbuddin, Director, IT Sector Partnership
IT Sector Partnership | South Bend - Elkhart Region

Shabbir Qutbuddin is the Director of IT Sector Partnership at Ivy Tech Community College for the South Bend - Elkhart Region. Shabbir pursued his Master's in Human Resource Management from Purdue University and Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from India. His areas of experience include HR, Analytics, Business Development, Consulting, Branding, Graphics, and Technology. Shabbir loves Adventure Sports, Traveling, and Film Making.

Shabbir's presentation is based on the IT Sector Partnership | South Bend - Elkhart. It is a non-profit partnership between the Tech Industry, Education Providers, Regional Chambers, EDCs, and Non-Profits that focuses on the workforce needs of the Information Technology Industry in the South Bend - Elkhart region. The goal is to identify and fulfill the need for IT talent in our region via building Career Pathways, providing Technical Skills Training, fostering Employer-Talent Connections, conducting Coding Events, and encouraging Community Engagement.

For complete details about IT Sector Partnership visit their website: