Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County: landing and keeping Amazon
Apr 29, 2024 12:00 PM
Chris Stager, President & CEO of EDC
Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County: landing and keeping Amazon

[Rescheduled from Monday, April 8]

Please welcome Chris Stager, President & CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, discussing landing and keeping Amazon.

Our Mission
Create an economically vibrant community by: Recruiting, retaining and strengthening our economic base, and being a catalyst for diversification, innovation and economic change.

Our Vision
The EDC will leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and regional resources to develop a more prosperous community through a diversified, resilient and knowledge-based economy.

Who We Are / What We Do
We are a not-for-profit economic organization serving the community with the cities, towns, chambers of commerce, investor partners, and businesses of Elkhart County, Indiana. We are known as the “Concierge to Elkhart County Industry”. Our primary objectives are the retention and expansion of local businesses, attraction of new businesses to Elkhart County, and local entrepreneurial development.

History of the EDC of Elkhart County
The EDC of Elkhart County (EDCEC) was organized in 2001 as a public-private partnership and lead economic development organization for Elkhart County, Indiana. With a mission to attract and retain diversified businesses both domestically and internationally, the EDCEC serves as a resource and advocate to cultivate the competitiveness and profitability of business locating or expanding to Elkhart County, Indiana.

The EDCEC delivers an integrated approach to economic development strategy combining business attraction, expansion and retention activities, workforce attraction and development as well as strategic long-term planning. The EDCEC teams with the real estate development, land use planning and design professionals to present comprehensive location solutions to new and existing companies. The EDCEC provides confidential relocation and economic development services in close collaboration with regional and national partners to assist with site selection, community networking, workforce attraction and development, and navigation through the state and local incentives and regulatory process.

The EDC of Elkhart County is a nationally recognized economic development leader in the State of Indiana. The EDCEC provides strategic vision and “whatever it takes approach” to ensure continued Elkhart County economic vitality while providing quality job opportunities, a diverse and inclusive quality of place and continued prosperity for the residents and businesses of Elkhart County.

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