Beryl E. Boss – Born July 4, 1933

A Rotarian since 1996 died on June 23, 2011. Beryl exemplified Tom Brokaw’s book “The Greatest Generation.”


Beryl was frequently referred to by friends and associates as a Legend, a Mentor, a Real Firecracker (born of the 4th of July) and also known as the Plumber. (Doc Atkins has a wonderful story about the plumber) “He was one of kind always upbeat, very competitive in every way, in everything he was doing, all the time” says Doc Atkins. Their friendship covered many years and many adventures together. Their dedication to Rotary’s service showed in numerous ways but one was when they volunteered to work side by side at the Rotary International Convention in Indianapolis.

Beryl retired from NIBCO after a 42 year career living both in the US and Europe. Ken Pletcher worked with Beryl for many years and said his upbeat, optimistic attitude set the tone at NIBCO and was always true and loyal to the different departments, his people and the company. Many who were hired by Beryl and worked with him always referred to him as a great mentor.

After retirement he and his wife, Barb, spent half of the year in Sarasota, FL and half in Elkhart and he was able to have a 100% attendance record.

Serving as a mentor for the Elkhart Rotary’s Strive program, he never gave up on any student. His mentoring style was, “You can do anything.” He also served on the Membership and public relations committee along with many other events at Rotary.

The following was the invocation that he gave prior to the 4th of July one year that Doc
Atkins said always had meaning to him and others would agree still lives on today.

“Our Father, we thank You for our Rotary Club and the fellowship and bread in which we enjoy.

This coming 4th of July weekend, let us give thanks to our fore fathers who established the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

And give thanks to all the men and women who have unselfishly given of themselves to protect our freedom, equality and humanity.

We thank you God for their bravery, selflessness and love of this nation to make us who we are.

God Bless America.”

Beryl left his legacy at Rotary with the true value of Rotary’s service above self. We’ll always remember that great warm smile he always greeted everyone with. He will be truly missed.