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Since receiving our club charter in 1917, seven Elkhart Rotarians have been members for 50 or more years.  Soon there will be eight.

The seven "Fifty Club" Members are:

EDWARD HANSEN, January 1923-May 1975.  " ED" lived on St. Joseph Manor and spent his working days at Elkhart Brass Manufacturing.  He passed away October 30,1985.

JOHN HARMAN, September 1949-September 2005, lived on Shoreline,West.  He was an attorney, club president 1977-78, as was his father, James 1918-19. John drove Lincoln automobiles and was once called for locking his car doors with headlights on. (This was before sensors did much of our work.). Young people won't remember how difficult those days were. John died in Colorado September 2005 at the age of 84.

FRED LOBLEY, January 1936-April 1994, lived on Greenleaf Blvd. And was chief engineer for Miles Laboratories.  Born in England, he never lost the English accent.  Fred was a gentleman who served as our president 1960-61.

PAUL PRESSLER, September 1951-June 2007, currently lives in Corona, Arizona and was an Elkhart attorney and CPA for many years.  Paul was a pilot.  During WWIl he was a combat infantryman in Europe.

WILBUR SCHULT, January 1924-August 1979, was founder and president of Schultz Mobile Homes, serving as club president 1951-52, as did his father, William, 1931-32. Wilbur and wife Bernie loved to fish just outside their kitchen door on East Jackson.

JAMES SEWARD, September1946-June 2000, was owner of his own sales business.  Jim played basketball at Purdue and maintained connection with the university, inviting coach Gene Keady to speak to our club on several occasions.

WILBUR TEMPLIN, August 1917-July 1974.  Wilbur earned several distinctions during his tenure in our club.  He was a Charter member, the longest living Charter member, the first club secretary(served 20 plus years), played the piano for 50 years when we were known as a singing club, sigh, club president 1926-27 and our first fifty-year member.  He owned and operated a music store on Main street for nearly 70 years. In failing Health, Wilbur sent a 1973  letter of resignation which the Board of Directors rejected saying, in effect, "We will not accept your resignation.  Please attend meetings when you are able." He died July 12,1974 at the age of 96. 

Submitted by Shannon White