Dr. Rob Haworth Tells the Club About the
Elkhart Community School Strategic Plan
Terri Rickel opened the meeting, as it met on a sunny, hot day at Wellfield Gardens.
Sergeant Anthony Hunt discussed his pending 50th birthday and fined everyone who had already ‘crossed-over.’ Funds generated by the Sergeants are shared annually with local non-profits.
The speaker was Rob Haworth, Superintendent of Elkhart Community Schools. He came to discuss the new strategic plan rethinking education and how Elkhart schools might reconfigure to better serve and keep students using existing buildings without building anything new or increasing resident’s taxes.
He discussed how ECS is losing over $6 million because students transfer to other public schools (the state gives districts $6,000 per student attending. If private schools were included, the total ‘student drain’ increases to over $10 million). This troubled Rob because he believes the district has as rigorous academics and opportunity as neighboring school systems. So as he begins his 5th year, in consultation with the school board, a strategic plan has been developed. The board is currently gathering public feedback. http://elkhart.k12.in.us/home/the-elkhart-difference/strategic-plan-the-future-of-ecs/
Dr. Hayworth took 30 minutes of questions discussing the addition of Pre-K at all elementary schools, making Pierre Moran a magnate Middle School, and creating a unified high school that would make the Career Center a more prominent part of academic life for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Upcoming Programs:
July 4, 2016         Holiday, no meeting
July 11, 2016       Charlie Adams discussing “The Miracle on Ice.”
July 18, 2016       Kreg Gruber & Alicia Dombkowski with Beacon Health’s partnership with Mayo Clinic.