Eric Pianowski, Executive Director or Loveway
Addressed the Club
President Scott Puckett called his next to last meeting to order. He thanked several board members for their service, giving him the “Prairie Home Companion Joke Book,” which he has used to close meeting during his presidency. Then Sergeant Anthony Hunt got up to tell some Father’s Day Jokes, fine Tony Warning for his company’s 50th Anniversary (D&W, Inc.), discuss the popularity of the name ‘Anthony,’ and by robust applause from the audience, was elected for another term as Sergeant.
The speaker was Eric Pianowski, Executive Director of Loveway, providing therapeutic equestrian experiences for anyone with a diagnosed disability: physical, cognitive, or emotional. Eric talked about the services beginning in 1974, and what Loveway is doing today with their 17 horses on their farm in Middlebury. Loveway’s largest client base is students age 8-16 from Elkhart County schools.
Scott Puckett closed the meeting with yet another joke from the “Prairie Home Companion Joke Book.”
Upcoming Programs:
Jun 26, 2017        Passing of the Gavel from Scott Puckett to Pam Ann McCuistion
July 3, 2017         No Rotary Meeting
July 10, 2017       Celebrating the last quarter century (1992-2017) of our 100th Anniversary