Elkhart Rotarian Dean Hupp Reflects on Some
of the Highlights of the Club's Service from
1942 to 1967
Another great gathering of the Elkhart Rotary Club today, continuing the celebration of our club’s 100th anniversary year by highlighting another quarter century of service: the years 1942-1967.
President Scott Puckett welcomed the club and introduced Dick Treckelo, Doug Putnam, and Ken Pletcher who provided the opening message, Pledge of Allegiance, and Four Way Test.
Howard Edwards welcomed our guests for the day: Visiting Rotarians Aaron Bradford from South Bend and Doug Grant from Wawasee. Guests included Shannon White, Judy Gill (hosted by Candy Yoder), Ruth Hupp and Dave Follett (hosted by Scott Puckett), and Diana Evans (hosted by Fran Conner). Welcome to ALL!
As with today’s historic theme and a throwback to bygone years, Mick Faloon and Shannon White led the club in a rousing rendition of America the Beautiful. While the tune sounded pretty good supported by our musically-inclined members, it was a solemn reminder of why we’re not a ‘singing club’!
President Puckett announced timely birthdays and club anniversaries including highlights such as Tom Pletcher – 35 years, Bob Yoder – 38 years, and Jim Rieckhoff, a member of club for 45 years! And speaking to the importance of being a Rotarian, Jeff Wells shared his thoughts and experiences about what being a Rotarian has meant to him these many past years.
Our Sergeant for the day, Jeff New, inspired some generosity of our club… Bottom line, don’t forget “Hug a Plummer” day in 2018… you’ll save yourself a fine!
Jeff Pollack introduced five visiting high school students and Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) winners, including Maria and Jade from Central HS and Josh from Memorial HS, who each shared their recent camp experience. Positive takeaways all-around!
The program featured 43-year veteran of our club, Dean Hupp, who recounted some of the many highlights of our club’s second quarter century of service, from 1942-1967. Dean shared relevant historical events to set the time frame, beginning with World War II. Many of the all-male club members’ businesses had switched from their original purpose to supporting the war effort, including Miles Laboratory, which made K-rations during those years. In 1945, dues for the club were $18 and $1 per meal and the 88 members of the club included three of its founding members. In addition to funding a home for disabled children during wartime, the Elkhart Rotary Club began ringing bells for the Salvation Army in 1946, a tradition that’s continued to this day. In 1946 the international Rotary Foundation was created, with funds raised from the request of $10 per person - - they began with an initial balance of $2.2 million!
The 1950s showed continued progress of the club in the community, including funding a new building at the Wolf Lake scout camp. The funds for the building were raised through fines collected from members and proceeds from a beef auction, as well as the ticket sales from a locally sanctioned wrestling match! The 1960s included the club presidency of Jack Kissenger (1961-’62), an Elkhart Rotary Club meeting held at the 1964 New York World's Fair, the funding of a Boy Scout Explorer post in 1965, the adoption of the loose leaf club directory, and in 1967, the Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a gala held in the Athena Ballroom at the Hotel Elkhart - - price for the gala: $18/couple!