Jason Lippert, CEO of Lippert Components
Spoke to the Club
President Scott Puckett opened today’s meeting, followed by Dawn Fisher who provided some thoughtful words on business and led the Pledge and Four Way Test.
Stan Cohen, Connie Caiceros and Candy Yoder tended today’s fellowship table; Candy Yoder helped introduce our guests:
Visiting Rotarians: Gary Wetzel, Karen Sommers, and Doug Grant
  • Tammy Higginbotham was a guest of Fran Conner
  • Mandy Leazenby was a guest of Sherm Hansen
  • John Crawford and Glenda Ginther were guests of Susan Ginther
  • Tina Weldy was a guest of Scott Puckett
  • Kelly Tooker was a guest of Eric Garton
  • Jay Riblet was a guest of Tony Warning
  • David Gurizzion was guest of Kyle Hannon
President Puckett made a few celebratory announcements: Happy Birthday to Brad Miller!  Also, celebrating Elkhart Rotary Club Anniversaries:
  • Terri Rickel – 11 Years
  • Joe Gold – 16 Years
  • Wes Steffen – 26 Years
  • Mel Jacobson – 36 Years
  • Thad Naquin – 36 Years
  • Marly Rydson – 41 Years!
Congratulations to all for your years of support to our community and the Club.
Announcements for Today:
Connie Caiceros – Do your part to help the Caring Committee – Share what you know about individuals who have celebrations, need sympathies or condolences. It’s everyone’s role to support fellow club members - - If you know of someone who deserves or needs a little extra attention, let Chair Chair Connie Caiceros know.
Doug Risser awarded FOUR Paul Harris Fellowships to deserving club members today:
  • Tom Pletcher – Paul Harris Fellowship +4
  • Terri Rickel - Paul Harris Fellowship +5
  • Dean Hupp - Paul Harris Fellowship +5
  • Dean Bergamen - Paul Harris Fellowship +8
Congrats to all on your generosity and for your contributions to the mission of Rotary International - - it’s a wonderful model to follow!
Scott Franko will be hosting a "100 Year Anniversary Committee" meeting at his office on Lexington at 2 p.m. on Tuesday (that’s Tomorrow!)
There is a Rotary Board Meeting on Friday - - Same bat time, same bat channel.
Don’t miss next meeting’s presenter for Nov 14, 2016: John Webber, Founder of Carved, who’ll be presenting:  “Our Business as a Smart Phone Case Maker”
Dawn Fisher Introduced our visiting Elkhart Central High School Students: Mikey Holtz, Odet Keen, Giovanni Parga, and Noah Yoder. Thank you for joining us this month!
Today’s Sergeant, Doug Thorne, extracted some cash from wallets for a good cause. A few of those found guilty of some very fineable offenses (that we all ended up paying for!) were:
Stan Cohen, Connie Caiceros, and Cubs Fans! All goes toward a good cause - - keep paying those fines!
Stu Barb introduced today’s speaker: Jason Lippert, CEO Lippert Components
From humble beginnings as a metal fabrication shop founded by Larry Lippert after World War II, Lippert Components has grown into the leading supplier of components to the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industries, as well as adjacent industries including bus, cargo and equestrian trailer, marine and heavy truck. From 45 facilities throughout the United States and in Canada and Italy, more than 7,000 employees work together to bring innovative product and service solutions to customers every day. Guided by three generations of family leadership, Lippert Components has grown tremendously, making more than 40 acquisitions in the past 15 years, and have become a $1.4 billion revenue company. As one of the few companies in their industry offering a leadership development program, they attract the best talent in the country and focus on developing employees into strong company and community leaders. More than anything else, they are defined by their core values, which drive attitude, behavior and action every day at every facility. Core values include: Being passionate About Winning; Team Play with Trust; Honesty, Integrity and Candor; Caring About People; and Positive Attitude.
To learn more about Lippert Components, visit: http://www.lci1.com/