Beverly Kitson Spoke to the Club
about the David Kitson Library
in Costa Rica
Judge James Rieckhoff inducted new members Mike Christofeno,who was sponsored by Susan Bossung, and Eric Garton, who was sponsored by Judge Chuck Grodnik.
The Sergeant at Arms was Sherri Wuischpard, who proved a Sergeant doesn’t have to be funny to raise a lot of money. The money the Sergeant’s committee raises over the year is pooled into a fund and then disbursed annually to area non-profit organizations.
The speaker was Beverly Kitson, who traveled all the way from Costa Rica to speak about the David Kitson Library, which provides the following:
  • Arts and crafts courses for children and adults, especially around Christmas.
  • Aid to students in the GED program, providing books, meeting space and some teaching by volunteers.
  • Participation in all community activities, particularly supporting better health and better security to the community.
  • Special Saturday morning programs for children, video movies and story-time.
  • The library has a television and VCR for use by teachers to aid learning and a collection of educational videos.
  • The library helps local residents prepare letters, using our word-processing equipment to turn out presentable messages.
  • Not all of the library's services are for local people.  The library also provides Internet service to the community and foreign visitors so they can check e-mail
  • Aid to Americans trying to learn Spanish with special conversation sessions, with local people volunteering to teach Spanish to the foreign residents.
  • The library's supporters participate in local festivals with our own parade float each special national holiday.
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Up Coming Program(s):  Merritt Dilts on his recent trip to Bangladesh