Our Elkhart Noon Rotary Group submitted a proposal for a District Rotary grant in 2012.  The grant was awarded for an innovative educational project designed by the Wellfield Botanic Gardens (WBG) and ETHOS. 

The WBG had just opened their Woodland Conservation Garden and wanted an educational tool to engage visitors and educate them about the essential components of the Woodland Conservation Garden and importance of conserving natural areas. 

WBG partnered with the education gurus at ETHOS Science Center; using information about the Woodland Conservation Garden, ETHOS developed an engaging booklet that leads “young at heart” visitors through an exploration of the components of the Woodland Conservation Garden including trees, plants, animals and insects. Biodiversity and the importance of native species are highlighted.  ETHOS staff ensured that the educational booklet was aligned with State Science Standards and Common Core. 


The colored booklet includes poems, and activities for: tree walks, “I Spy” and “Lots of Rot”.  The booklet was printed by ETHOS and will be available at the Visitors Center in the spring along with magnifying glasses to help visitors get up close with nature.  In addition the booklet will also be available in PDF format on the WBG website as an educational resource.



ETHOS Website: www.ethosinc.org

Wellfield Botanic Garden website: www.wellfieldgardens.org