Eden Children's Village Update

Pictured to the right: Phyllis, Calvin and Myrl

Eden Children's Village just sent its first two students to liberal arts colleges in the USA. Calvin Masiyanhau will be attending Goshen College.  Anyway Mupesewa will be attending Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This is a very major step to have students come from the rural bush in Africa and the Children's Village to be in the states attending college. Goshen College was eager to admit Calvin with financial assistance. Phyllis and I also were able to help arrange some of the financial details. 

On August 4th Calvin will be officially introduced at the church who is also is involved with him, here in Goshen.  He has been here several weeks attending a very in-depth orientation on the Goshen College campus to provide him with leadership training, cultural, moral and emotional support. 

We are we very proud of this accomplishment for Calvin and the Children's Village. 

Anyway Mupesewa travels to the States with Kevin and Susan Fry to begin studies in mid August.   

The Elkhart Rotary and the Coachella Valley Rotary Club played a major part in providing school supplies to help make this possible.  Many thanks to faithful Rotarians who are making a big difference in the lives of AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe! 

Maitabasa shamwari wedu ku Rotary! 

Many thanks to our good friends at Rotary!

Thanks for all your support.  Myrl D. Nofziger