Welcome to the Elkhart Rotary Club Meeting on April 29, 2019; Today we welcomed speaker Dr. Jessica Payne from the University of Notre Dame, whose presentation title was: "Sleep on it! There's More to it that Just the Old Adage". Dr. Payne’s research focuses on how sleep and stress influence human memory and psychological function.

President Peter Norton opened the meeting and introduced Bill Burton who shared some thoughtful words and a moment of silence, led the Pledge and Four Way Test.

Guests were introduced including: Carl Tiedemann (LouAnn Welsh), Adam Trisler (Nick Corpe), Sheila Gordy, Allie Canniff (Brad Canniff), and Heather Edds (Matt Lentsch). Welcome to all, come join us again sometime.

Announcements for April 29:

  • Eric Garton thanked the 40 Club Members who took advantage of Eric's offer to login/access their ClubRunner accounts the week following the Marketing Committee's presentation - - as promised, Eric will make a donation to the Foundation of $5 per person, totaling $200!
  • Howard Edwards announced a terrific volunteer opportunity on Saturday May 11th, from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m (or until you're able to stay) to help package and distribute food to 200 needy families at Church Community Services. This food represents the $3,780.00 food donation to CCS from Elkhart Rotary to help assist needy families. Meet at the Church Community Services Parking lot of church community services. As a special incentive (other than doing a great thing for our community), Rotarian Volunteers will receive a "DOUBLE" make-up for their efforts.
  • Rebecca Kuiken announced this was her last meeting as she is moving to Raleigh, NC. She expressed her appreciation for the club and their efforts, and that friends will be missed. We'll miss you, Rebecca, thank you for your service and we hope you'll continue those efforts in Raleigh! 

Two NEW Rotarians were inducted to our Club today! Please help welcome LouAnn Welsh and Garrick Langford, who gave brief presentations to the club. We look forward to their involvement!

Today's Sergeant was the Captain himself, Dave Dygert (covering for an absent Mike Cristofeno) who gave some great advice - in a humorous way. Your payment to receive such great advice: $5. Another great day of FUNdraising as Rotary fines are collected weekly and are pooled into a fund. In the spring more than $10,000 is distributed as grants to not for profit organizations around our county.   

Today's program featured Dr. Jessica Payne from the University of Notre Dame, whose presentation title was: "Sleep on it! There's More to it that Just the Old Adage". Dr. Payne’s research focuses on how sleep and stress influence human memory and psychological function.

Dr. Payne covered a variety of reasons why we should all GET MORE SLEEP! She described sleep as the single most important tool for our own brain to properly function. In fact, the effects of sleep deprivation test similarly to alcohol consumption! Dr. Payne discussed the implications of the "sleep-stress snowball" and how each negatively (increase) the amount of the other!

Dr. Payne discussed the importance of proper sleep cycle (which generally occur in 90 minute increments) and range from being 'awake' to I/REM stage to stages II, III, and IV (stage IV being the very 'deepest' sleep attainable and is sometimes described as Slow Wave Sleep (or SWS).

Did you know...

  • ...sleep improves emotional regulation?
  • ...a good night's sleep allows you to PROCESS anxiety, fears, and depression?
  • ...that the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex is the all-controlling "Boring CEO" that keeps us grounded in reality and discourages creativity during our waking hours? ...And when you go to sleep the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex is DEACTIVATED during sleep, allowing for our brains to be at their most creative (which is why you have dreams that often don't make 'sense'!).. and why sometimes, you're able to come up with creative answers to challenging questions or situations. "Sleep on it!"
  • ...that the average amount of sleep required by adults is 7-8 hours. Some may be as low as 4, others as high as 12. Dr. Payne has never met one of the "I only need 4 hours of sleep to be rested" subjects.
Dr. Payne did give some actionable advice:
  • Get 20 extra minutes of sleep. You can't make up for the past lost sleep, but you can keep your sleep deficit low.
  • Employ a 'sleep proxie' - - meaning 'go offline' for a while with a relaxing walk, for instance.
  • Power nap for 20 minutes! Don't go over 20.. unless you can go to at least 90 minutes (which represents the length of time required for a sleep cycle)
  • Minimize nighttime distractions - - especially stay away from blue light which is emitted from cell phones, TVs, and other screens. 
  • Don't drink alcohol, caffeine, or exercise anywhere near bedtime (even with dinner). While alcohol will aide in getting you TO sleep, it's likely  you'll wake up midway through night.
  • Travel 'smart' - when you travel, bring 'sleep cues', things that you normally do at home to routinize going to bed/sleeping easily, such as a sleeping mask, scented oils, etc.
For more information about healthy sleep, Dr. Payne recommended visiting the National Sleep Foundation website.        

About Rotary:

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Upcoming Meetings and Programs:
  • May 6: Bryan Ritchie, VP and Associate Provost; University of Notre Dame Idea Center
  • May 13: Brooke Ammerman - University of Notre Dame; Suicide Prevention in Our Community – What You Can Do
  • May 20: Iris Hammel - Regional Innovation & Startup Education; Act Learn Build - A Phrase that Embodies both Innovation + Entrepreneurship
  • May 27: Memorial Day - NO MEETING; We remember and honor those persons who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces
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