Elkhart Rotary Club Meeting, Monday, June 25, 2018
Presenter: Jason Lippert, CEO of Lippert Components, Inc
Elkhart Rotary Club Meeting, Monday, June 25, 2018
President Ann McCuistion opened her final meeting at 2017-2018 President of the Club. We are all appreciative of Ann’s leadership this year and thank her for all that’s she’s done to help Rotary place ‘Service Above Self’.
Jim Rieckhoff provided positive words inspired by our Four-Way Test and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Fellowship Table volunteer Jeff Zimont welcomed guests to our club, including Honorary Rotarian Art Decio.
Announcements began with Ann McCuistion thanking the club for allowing her to lead this past year and for their support of our club’s Mission in the community. Additional announcements: 
  • Kurt Janowsky thanked club members who attended and supported the 31st annual Jazz Fest.
  • Sherm Hansen presented Kurt and the Matterhorn with thanks for all their support of the Elkhart Rotary Club over the years, and as a small token of appreciation, our club has installed the LOOP hearing assist system, with help from Elkhart Audiology.
  • Howard Edwards reported fine news that the club has met its Rotary Foundation fundraising goals, over $26,000 this year, including a strong finish - - over $6000 in the last month alone! Thanks to ALL who made it possible through their generosity of spirit toward our Rotary goals.
Today’s Sergeant, Megan Sullivan, did a fine job (pun intended) of extracting funds from club members that raises $10,000-12,000 annually that is awarded to local not-for-profits through grants in the Spring.
Today’s speaker, Jason Lippert, CEO of Lippert Components, Inc (LCI) was introduced by Carl Risk.
Jason provided background information about Acts of Service, a new program developed over the last year-plus that provides for engagement and service opportunities for LCI team members, which has now expanded to provide opportunities for both organizations to RECEIVE service and PROVIDE service from their employees. For more information about Acts of Service visit: https://www.actsofservice.com/ or Click Here