Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition Presentations.

Our club has been busy, as of late, in catching up with several members on our Matching Dollars Program for Paul Harris Fellowship recognition. Whenever a member has contributed $500 to The Rotary Foundation, we will provide a $500 match to assist in earning you the next PHF level. Our club is unique in offerring this matching program, but we do so in order to encourage continued RI support from all of our members.

Recognized at the May 10th meeting in the photo are from left to right: 

Bill Phillips (PHF +1), John Frizzo (PHF +1), Randy Foster (PHF +1), Pam Duncan (PHF +1), Andy McCaskey (PHF +1), Tom Eisle (PHF +1), Don Krabill (PHF +1), John Martin  (PHF +1), Bob Giel (PHF +1), Stu Basquin (PHF +1).

Not pictured are Susan Ginther (PHF), Fred Mischke (PHF+1), Jeff Peat (PHF+1), and Jim Brotherson (PHF+2).

More PHFs will be awarded in coming meetings. If you have not signed up for quarterly giving to The Rotary Foundation on your billing statement, please contact Jeff Peat at 293-4099. You support will be greatly appreciated by the thousands we assist worldwide each year.