Roger was born in Howell Michigan, December 4, 1964.  He was raised in Elkhart from 1965 until 1979, then moved to Union Michigan and graduated from Constantine High School in 1983.  Roger then moved to Bristol, IN where he now resides with my wife Tammie and two  children, Stefanie and Steven and a grandson Hayden Foxx who is 5 years old.

His career has been with F&F Screw Machine Products Inc. since 1986 and he is co-owner.

Currently Roger and his family attend First Baptist Church of Elkhart. Roger is a devoted Christian to the Lord Jesus Christ. His salvation came from getting into trouble with the law and part of his probation was to attend Lifeline / YFC. Through that experience he became aware of God the Father of our Lord Jesus and His plan for mankind to come to salvation through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. It was from that knowlegde that Roger has been able to raise a Christian family and give back to our community. The alternative to this would have been a detriment to our society.

Roger has been on the board of directors at Lifeline since 2005 and is currently the Chair of the board.

Roger is looking forward to serving our community through the Elkhart Rotary.