Martin Klubeck Addresses the Club on
"How to Measure Success"
Another beautiful day for a meeting of the Elkhart Rotary! Esteemed Club Vice-President  Scott Puckett kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome in President Terri Rickel’s absence - - we understand Terri is enjoying some much-deserved R&R in sunny Florida with her husband - - which immediately seems like a fineable offense for next week’s Sergeant.
As Rotarians finished a wonderful lunch, club member Matt Lentsch provided some uplifting thoughts and led the Club in recital of the Pledge of Allegiance and Four Way Test.
Deb Hall led the introduction of guests for the day, including visiting Rotarians Judy Jankowski from South Bend and Aaron Bradford from St. Joe/Benton Harbor. Sheila Sieradzki introduced her guest, Mark Plavchak and visiting high school students Marisca Lapp and Gabe Lindholm were introduced. Always great to have so many great guests in attendance!
Foundation Chair Doug Risser made a brief announcement, providing some great information and answering questions he’s received about how to check the status of one’s Paul Harris Fellowship accumulations. It’s all about online access! Visit, log in or register with the site and then go to ‘My Rotary’ - - your account details are available. Following this explanation, Doug handed out a Paul Harris Fellowship award!
Paul Warning presented a generous check to member Nick Montgomery, representing the Salvation Army. All those fines we paid at the end of last year, personal contributions and the hard work by our club ringing bells in December really paid off!
Our thoughts are with club member Larry Roberts, who’s feeling under the weather.
Sergeant at Arms:
Mixed cheers and jeers accompanied Doug Thorne to the podium for his duties to fleece the club of some bucks, all for a good cause. The dollars from fines all go to support our community.
·        Scott Puckett seeded the pot with 5 bucks at Doug’s request for “looking Presidential” - - Snappy dressing apparently pays off… for our community.
·        Past and current Board Members were asked to stand and pay for the honor of being recognized.
·        Sheila Sieradzki contributed for her introduction - - or rather pronunciation - - of her guest Mark Plavchak’s name.
·        Kurt Janowski was called to the carpet for his previous week’s political guest - - but a fair bit of negotiating on Kurt’s part encouraged a $5 fine swap with the Sergeant – double the fun, double the money.
·        After the Sergeant’s jab on accountants, the subject turned to sports. With the Super Bowl decided it was time to see where our club members’ allegiances are… (and in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Denver Broncos upset a heavily-favored Carolina Panthers team). Whether a Broncos fan because of Payton Manning, the oldest quarterback ever to start in a Super Bowl [yes, the writer is aware that ‘oldest’ is a relative term], a Carolina fan, a fan of neither or even a non-sports follower, Doug was able to squeeze some remaining dollars from club members - - way to go, team!
·        Basketball fans weren’t left out; Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, IU, and Notre Dame supporters were all called out whether their team won or lost - - except the Minnesota Golden Gophers fan in the room, who was spared because: “why kick someone when they’re down?”
Martin Klubeck is a recognized leader in Organizational Development – specifically Metrics, Vision Setting, and Professional Development Planning. He works in the Office of Information Technology at Notre Dame and has authored several books including "Why Organizations Struggle So Hard to Improve So Little: Overcoming Organizational Immaturity" published by ABC Clio and "Metrics: How To Improve Key Business Results" published by Apress. Martin has helped organizations design, create, and use meaningful metrics programs for over 10 years. His ability to take the complex and simplify it makes him a highly sought after teacher and consultant. His energy and concern for the success of others makes him a top notch speaker. Martin is currently the author of five books, the President and founder of the Consortium for the Establishment of Information Technology Performance Standards, Leader of the Educause IT Metrics Constituent Group, and a reviewer for Educause Quarterly magazine. He holds a Master in Human Resource Development from Webster University, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Chapman University and an Associates degree in Instructional Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Martin survived over twenty years of implementing the improvement-tool-du-jour, from Quality Management, to Quality, to CMM, CMMI, and most recently, Lean Six Sigma. His experiences and full education has given him a robust and comprehensive perspective on improving organizations. Martin's compulsion to help others has led to the creation of MK Knowledge Builders, a weekly motivational for vision setters, two books (look for the third book on Professional Development Planning!), and numerous publications and presentations. See more at:
Martin’s 25-minute presentation to our club, “Measures of Success: How to Know If You're Truly Successful”, was boiled down to a few very important and critical points for organizations to consider, including: WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? DO YOU HAVE A VISION? WHY DO YOU EXIST? Ultimately, many organizations have lost sight of their purpose – and are often tracking/measuring things that don’t really apply to that purpose. Martin gave a primer on metrics, including the components required to form good measurements: Data, Measures, Information, Metric, and Root Questions. He emphasized measuring first, organizational health, then performance and finally, success. He also emphasized - - It’s HARD! But why waste time doing it if you’re not doing it right? There ARE tools and resources to help.
For more information visit Martin’s website or email him directly,
Scott Puckett thanked Martin for his presentation and concluded the meeting at 1 p.m.