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October 1, 2012

Dear Fellow Rotarian:

Rotarians in District 6580 can help end Polio when driving around the country.   A new Rotary plate was issued in earlier this year.   The new Rotary plate is a moving promotion for Rotary and our campaign to End Polio Now.

The Columbus Sunrise Rotary Club initiated the Rotary Plate a number of years ago.   In 2011 Rotarians in Indiana’s three districts, 6540, 6560 and 6580 purchased 250 plates.  With 136 Rotary clubs in Indiana our goal is to see more plates promoting Rotary International on our roads.  If we don’t increase the number of plates sold annually to 500 the BMV may withdraw the plate.

In 2012 the BMV changed the procedure for purchasing specialty plates.  It is now much easier!   Instead of having to send a form to our club Rotarians can now purchase an Indiana Rotary Plate for passenger cars, trucks up to 11,000 lbs., recreational vehicles and motorcycles by visiting the BMV website.

In prior years we sent checks in increments of $15, to every Rotary club that had a member(s) who purchased a plate.  The new procedure adopted by the BMV does not provide us the same detailed information we received in the past.   We are determined to be “Fair to All Concerned” and decided that the best way to continue to share proceeds from plate sales would be to offer a challenge to the three Rotary Districts and their member clubs.

At the conclusion of the 2012-2013 Rotary year the District with the highest percentage of sales based on members within the District will receive a $1,500 check from Columbus Sunrise.   The funds will be distributed at the discretion of the 2012-2013 District Governor from the winning district. The monies must be used for charitable purposes in Indiana.

Please share this opportunity with your club members.  It’s a great way to promote Rotary International and its mission to End Polio Now.

Enclosed is a brochure for you to share at your Club’s meetings.  Additional copies of the brochure may be downloaded from our website, or contact us at or                  

                       Yours in Rotary Service,                                                       

  Lyn Morgan                         Cindy Green                                       Lori Thompson         

 Sunrise President                  IRLP Co-Chair                                  IRLP Co-Chair